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Do I have access to all the earned benefits I have coming to me?

All too often, the answer is "no." Our knowledgable Veteran Advisors will help you apply for benefits you're entitled to.

What happens if I have gaps and shortfalls?

There’s a robust collection of programs and plans out there, you just have to know how to find them. Our experts can help you fill those gaps. No Veteran should have to go without the knowledge of how to leverage existing programs.

How can Advocate Health Advisors help?

We’ll help you fill out forms to navigate the processes to obtain your earned VA benefits. We’ll help review insurance plans. We’ll help you find the right doctor and help you navigate your local VA, too. In short, we’ll create a wellness strategy that gives you the access to the care you need – often, at considerable savings.

If I take benefits, does it mean someone else goes without?

No, never. In fact, if more Veterans took advantage of their benefits, then the increase in demand for VA services would be realized and equate to potential budget increases, which would enable more help for those who served.

How does Advocate Health Advisors work?

We'll help you complete a benefits application. We'll review your insurance plans with you, help you find the right doctor, and navigate your local VA, too. From there, it’s a matter of identifying the gaps, then meeting with an Agent to find a plan that fits. Through it all, we’ll focus on prevention, so you can stay healthier in the long-term.

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