"I needed someone to go through the details of my prescription drugs with me to lower my costs. Advocate Health Advisors went through all 22 of my medications and looked across several formularies and various options to include a combination of VA, mail order and contract pharmacies to give the best possible solution to my prescription purchases. I have never had an Agent be so thorough and caring in their commitment to serving Veterans."

– Ken, Viet Nam Era, Veteran

"I use the VA, but had no other Medicare coverage other than Original Medicare. Advocate Health Advisors informed me of the potential impact of the uncapped 20% portion of my Medicare bills. They helped me pick the right Medicare Advantage plan and now I have the peace of mind of knowing that I have a cap on my out of pocket expenses each year. Additionally, they helped my wife choose a Medicare Supplement that was the best fit for her needs."

– Don, USMC Viet Nam Veteran

"I was paying too much for a combination of my monthly premium and out of pocket drug costs. Advocate Health Advisors helped me enroll for the VA and greatly reduce my out of pocket drug costs. Additionally, they helped me navigate the process of applying with the VA for hearing disability. I got a set of hearing aids, at no cost and I am now receiving a disability pension for my service-connected hearing loss."

– Frank, USN 1957-1963

"I never used the VA because I thought I had good Medicare insurance. I got sick from Agent Orange, and I talked with an Advocate Health Advisors Agent, and they helped me apply for VA benefits that will provide for my wife when I’m gone. That kind of peace of mind is important."

– Mark, Viet Nam, Veteran, United States Marine Corps

"With Advocate Health Advisor’s help, I’m saving more than $200 every month. They helped me streamline costs while increasing my benefits. My new Medicare plan lets me see a local doctor since the VA is over an hour away."

–Terry, Viet Nam, Veteran, Army

"I was paying too much for duplicate coverage. Advocate Health Advisors helped me pick the right Medicare plan and apply with the VA for hearing disability so I could get a hearing aid, too – free of charge."

– John, WWII Gunner’s Mate

"Advocate Health Advisors showed me that I was eligible for VA benefits and helped me enroll. They helped me find a Medicare plan that lowered my monthly costs from about $600 to just over $100. That guidance made a big difference for me."

– Gary, Air Force Jet Mechanic

"I already use the VA, but after working with Advocate Health Advisors to pick the right Medicare plan, my monthly premium was reduced from $563.00 a month to $0.00!"

– Earl, WWII Veteran

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