Veteran’s Initiatives Manager

Christina has had a lifelong connectivity to the Veterans community through her Father’s active military service and continued contributions to the Veterans community through the American Legion for over five decades. She has had the privilege of being an Auxiliary member for nearly 30 years.

Christina serves as a Veteran Services Officer, which allows her to follow her passion for providing specific benefits expertise to Veterans on a national level. As the Advocate Health Advisors Veterans Initiative Specialist, she advises Veterans on maximum utilization of their VA, Medicare, TriCare, and other Veterans benefits culminating in the Veteran receiving maximum care at minimum costs.

Prior to joining our team, Christina worked with Veterans in the Medicare home health and hospice industry as a Patient Care Representative/VA Liaison and Advocate for 10 years. Through her compassion and understanding of Veterans and their unique care needs, she began focusing on assisting Veterans and their families navigate the VA and private health care system.

Throughout her career, Christina has been instrumental in educating the private health care community about Veteran unique care needs and bridging the gap between understand the fusion of the VA and community care.

Christina serves as an active member of the Pittsburgh VA Roundtable, Veterans Community Partnership, Veterans Breakfast Club, Pennsylvania American Legion Auxiliary, PA American Legion Housing for Homeless Veterans Corporation, and has been published in the American Legion Magazine.

Christina lives in Hickory, PA with her family.

Advocate Health Advisors. Helping Veterans.

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