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Author: Advocate Health Advisors

Veterans, who have dedicated a significant portion of their lives to protecting and serving their nation, have earned the right to various healthcare benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). However, solely relying on VA benefits may not cover all healthcare needs, especially as Veterans age. Medicare Advantage (MA) plans can complement VA benefits, offering a more comprehensive health coverage framework.

VETECARE - Closing the Gaps
While VA benefits provide a range of healthcare services, there are limitations. VA benefits are primarily designed to cover conditions directly related to military service, and accessing care can sometimes mean navigating wait times or traveling to a VA facility. MA plans can close these gaps, covering additional services and providing more choices for where and when Veterans can receive care.

VETECARE - Enhanced Flexibility
MA plans offer flexibility that may not be available through the VA. These plans often include additional benefits. This comprehensive coverage can improve the quality of life for Veterans, ensuring they have access to preventative and routine care that maintains their health beyond what the VA provides.

VETECARE - Emergency and Urgent Care Assurance
Veterans may sometimes need urgent or emergency care—situations where there may be no time to reach a VA facility. In such cases, having an MA plan ensures that they are covered for emergency services anywhere in the U.S. This added layer of security can provide peace of mind.

VETECARE - Access to Specialized Care
Certain health issues may require specialized care that is not readily available through VA facilities. MA plans can offer access to broader networks of specialists and non-VA hospitals, allowing Veterans to receive high-quality, specialized care that complements the services they receive from the VA.

VETECARE - Geographical Flexibility
Veterans who travel or have homes in multiple states may find that VA benefits alone are not as portable as they need. MA plans have large networks across the country that may close this gap.

VETECARE - Streamlined Coordination of Benefits
When Veterans pair a MA plan with their VA benefits, they can streamline their coordination of benefits. This can result in more efficient care and less personal expenses. For instance, if a Veteran has a MA plan, this plan may cover a portion of the healthcare costs that the VA does not, reducing out-of-pocket costs and ensuring that both systems work together for the Veteran’s benefit.

VETECARE - Maximizing Prescription Drug Coverage
There may be times when medication is needed quickly or is more accessible through non-VA pharmacies. Many MA plans include prescription drug coverage, which can complement VA benefits, ensuring that Veterans have the flexibility to get their medications from a wide range of pharmacies.

VETECARE - Easing the Financial Burden
Financial concerns are paramount for many Veterans, especially as they age. MA plans can help ease the financial burden of healthcare costs.

VETECARE - Simplifying the Healthcare Experience
While VA benefits provide a strong foundation, they may not cover all the healthcare needs of Veterans. MA plans serve as a strategic complement to VA benefits, offering a synergistic approach that maximizes healthcare coverage. By pairing these two resources, Veterans can enhance their healthcare flexibility, access, and financial security, ensuring they receive the full spectrum of care they deserve.

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